Saturday, January 28, 2017

Oh dear oh dear, what can the matter be. France, Penelope Fillon, and the turmoil of political reality.

Oh dear oh dear, what can the matter be.

The British have their Brexit, the Americans their Trump but all was well with France; at least for a certain conservative catholic right.

The left were turning into a three headed whatever. Macron towards the Centre doing his own thing. Melanchon rallying the forces of the extreme left; Trotskyists, Communists, and all sorts of leftovers who hadn’t switched to Le Pen and the extreme right.

The LR or Republican party had just gone through their Primary (the first ever) and had eliminated Sarkozy (the come-back kid), Juppé (yesterday’s man) and had chosen Mr Clean (Fillon) former Prime Minister, quiet spoken, reserved, well dressed, liberal (French definition) ideas on the economy, Catholic ideas on the family and prepared to bring Putin in from the cold. A stay at home mum bringing up the 5 kids in the family château. Bought I believe not inherited.

And then the bomb dropped. Well we are living in the internet age, everyone Twitters and the Truth will eventually come out. Whether it is the True Truth or Trump Truth is not really important.

Meanwhile yesterday I went to the library, which is now very modern with book section, news room, reading and research room, internet room and DVD and CD room. And now membership is free. It used to be paying but they discovered it cost more money to collect subscriptions and fines than what came in.

It’s half an hours walk away so there and back takes care of my daily exercise. I thought I’d drop in to my haidressers to book an appointment. The young girl who cuts my hair said she could do it immediately. Well there’s not much left and it only takes 10 minutes so, short back and sides, I said OK. Her family is from Madagascar. In fact her mother used to cut my hair for many years which shows how old I am getting. I’ve been using the same place for 35 years now. No problem with immigration with her. And then back home. Not to my château. Most people in France don’t own a château. Stay at home mums don’t usually earn more than 2 or 3 times the average wage. Politicians seem out of touch with the people. Well many have never actually worked in a proper job. Straight from university into the party political machine.

Oh well another day in France.

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