Friday, March 24, 2017

Disdaining modern politicians. The joys of being an old reactionary.

As I type this post I am listening to Bruce Springsteen singing old Pete Seeger songs.

When I was young, that’s late teens to early twenties I was not at all interested in the then modern singers of that period. With Youtube and advancing years I am taking much more of an interest in music I rather disdained. Certainly no Beetles or Woodstock for me at that time.

There is something I find rather strange though, that is old age pensioner type hippies. Long hair, usually done pony tail style and an earing or two. When I remarked on this to my son some years ago he couldn’t understand my question; he thought it quite natural. Then of course he didn’t know the time when old men, young as well, all had short hair, no ear rings, (associated with pirates or gypsies), and heaven forbid shaven scalps.

We had a fellow in the regiment who was fed up with always getting short back and sides so got an American style crew cut. The RSM made him wear his helmet all the time until his hair grew back.

In the Bahamas one would wear a jacket and tie to the cinema and stand up for the National Anthem at the end of the film.

In Saigon any young men with long hair were considered hippies therefore anti-war thus pro-communist and probably draft dodgers as well so were picked by the police and if lucky only got their hair shorn.

So now I am considered some sort of old fashioned reactionary because I still admire our old queen, believe in something that used to be called a family, and think that any youngster who doesn’t deserve a good spanking from time to time must be sick or bone lazy.

Now which of the French presidential candidates hold the same values I do?

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