Wednesday, March 8, 2017

France's Food Fight: The growing divide between factory and organic

During the war one of my duties as a child was to collect the eggs. Our chickens ran wild and laid their eggs all over the place.

Another task was to take the peas from the pods, big round green peas.

Honey was collected from the bee hives, salt came in blocks like a loaf of bread.

Meat was mostly wild rabbit and sometimes pheasant.

Of course one ate the skin of fruit. What boy would ever peel an apple before eating it.

After the war when staying with the aunt’s in London one was sent to buy fish and chips. Of course one had to take one’s own newspaper to wrap the chips in. Oh but the fish was delicious. 

I imagine like everyone else I ate bio. Tomatoes tasted like tomatoes and potatoes like potatoes.

A much better taste than pesticides.

Were those the Good Old Days or the Bad Old Days?

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