Saturday, May 27, 2017

I wonder if the French railways, SNCF, are not entering the silly season.

I wonder if the French railways, SNCF, are not entering  the silly season.

I was at the booking office to get some tickets to go to Paris to collect my grandson for the weekend.

The clerk there suggested I go to Paris First class as the ticket was cheaper than the Second class. A little odd that. Then I asked for a return to Paris from Orléans Sunday morning. Sorry she said no trains Saturday or Sunday morning; first train 4.30 Sunday evening. OK I said I’ll take 2 reservations on that. “Sorry that train is full, so are all the others after it”. I had to get to Paris Sunday (grandson has school Monday morning) and I had to get back to Orléans Sunday evening.

So I had to buy 2 tickets to Paris with the prospect of standing in the corridor all the way.  There’s a heat wave on, I’m 78 and grandson 7.

I also have to be in Paris on 4th June for a meeting. The clerk, “Sorry no trains that weekend either. Services are down for maintenance. I’ve been travelling this line for 40 years now. Once upon a time things were simple. Now booking is becoming a headache. If there are problems it’s because non prestigious lines have been neglected for the TGV, high speed trains on major lines which of course are more prestigious for the government.

I imagine I’ll be reduced to trying  BlaBlaCar with some unknown driver. That is if I succeed in using my Smartphone  app and there is in fact a driver going in my direction at the right time. I no longer drive, in fact I loathe being driven by anyone else as well.

So much for the Macron Presidency!  It’s already broken down in my opinion.

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