Saturday, May 13, 2017

Is Macron's bromance with François Bayrou dead?

Perhaps Macron, the Pure (and Innocent?) is waking up to the world of Realpolitik.

France has fought 3 wars against the Germans and yet his first foreign visit is to Merkel; following in the footsteps of Holland and Sarkozy. Why not wait a decent interval, or let her come and do the courting, after all he is not averse to older women?

So the business with Bayrou is nothing but a storm in a teacup, played up by journalists on the watch for any story of doom.

As the United Kingdom is indeed heading to its own destiny, probably at the bottom of the ocean blue, having chosen the lesser of two evils, being caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

So also France is heading into the Great Unknown, led by an untested youth, (at least in the eyes of someone born before the war (2nd World War) and was stationed in Berlin before the wall was put up let alone before it was torn down.

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