Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chivalry no longer exists in young boys in France.

The  other day I was walking through a small deserted park with my 7 year old grandson when we heard some child calling out for help.

We looked around but couldn’t see any toddler in difficulty but finally noticed a young girl of about 11 or 12 up in one of those wooden contraptions they build for kids nowadays. Rope type ladders to climb up and then poles to slide down with a wooden house type thing at the top.

This girl was in a state and steadily getting worse. She was stuck out holding onto a pole but was afraid to swing onto it and couldn’t get back on to the platform. Panic had taken hold of her.

I asked her what the trouble was and she wanted her mother who wasn’t around; in fact nobody was around.

I asked my grandson what we should do. A shrug of the shoulders and a remark to the effect of leaving her stuck up there and that we should continue on our way. I don’t think he is particularly callous, probably just not interested in the fate of strange girls. After all a boy would never get himself in such an embarrassing situation.

So I had to climb up the rope lattice work, age limit 8, hoping it would not break my age being 78, and help the girl down.

Obviously in this age of equality chivalry is doubtless considered a macho characteristic and is not taught in school. 

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