Friday, February 17, 2017

"Made for sharing". Another storm in a tasse de thé?

The mayor of Paris has incurred the wrath of the Académie Française for allowing English to take precedence over French in the capital's bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

“Made for sharing”,

Well perhaps a little strange. I’m not quite sure what we are meant to share.

If I delve into the subject I might find an explanation but that is not the idea of sharing. Certainly it’s not their cars. I have two brother’s in law here and neither has ever shared his car.

The French should be very careful how they use English. I remember years ago in Orléans a new sports goods shop opened up called if I recollect “The Athlete’s Foot”. Well every English schoolboy knew what that affliction is, maybe English school girls but as we didn’t share showers in those days I wouldn’t know. Certainly athlete’s foot was made for sharing. Rather appropriate for a sporting event.

What with football becoming “le foot” in French and jogging becoming “le footing” etc.
I don’t see why the Académie française is so offended by English. Without French the English language probably wouldn’t have existed being  a mixture of French and Low Saxon.

Of course in this age of tweeting English has become so degraded there can’t be that many people left who know how to write it correctly let alone speak it.

If Brexit comes into force before 2024 I can’t imagine the French wanting to share anything with the English though, let alone their language.

Now whatever happened to the  Entente Cordiale? Outside of academia I doubt if anyone knows what that was in any case.

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