Thursday, February 9, 2017

The two aspects of France somehow living side by side.

I went to see my cardiologist this morning for my annual check up. I had made my appointment a year ago at the end of my last check up. Short of collapsing in the street with a heart attack one is advised to fix the date a year in advance.

A very pleasant woman, she asked if I minded an intern being present. A young girl who didn’t look much out of her teens.

I forgot about the hour and a half in the waiting room. Whilst I was there I noticed the other five people present; two other men and three women. I also noted that all of the men were wearing highly polished proper shoes. The women were also wearing good quality shoes. I’m so used to seeing people wearing “des baskets” on their feet it was a pleasant surprise. I've even seen people wearing "des baskets' to funerals. I think they used to be called ‘plimsols’ when I was at school. I doubt that anyone born after the war knows what that means. We wore them for gymnastics. I imagine there is quite a decent class of people at my cardiologists, albeit of a certain age.

In the mean time the world goes on in France. For French politics I think we may now apply an American word. MAD. Mad as in a “Mad Hatter” but also in the American sense of Mutually Assured Destruction. That's where all the parties are headed. Well perhaps one will survive and that will really mean the destruction of the 5th Republic if nothing else.

A case of police brutality at a politically sensitive time leading to the usual riots in the down and out suburban immigrant estates.

An explosion at a nuclear plant this morning, which even if not nuclear will open a whole knew kettle of fish. I woder what the English living near Hinkley Point will think about it. One shouldn't have to worry about such things in rural Somerset.

No wonder it takes so long to get an appointment with a heart specialist.

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